Learn new and useful skills to set you up for the future, from farming and wildlife managment to mechanics and building, to first aid and cooking...


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Broaden your horizons, acquire new passions and open up your world to a wealth of possibilities and opportunities

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Hunters training, guides training, agriculture, animal husbandry, stock horses.  Lodge management, catering and adventure sports.

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Meet new people, make new friends; work alongside one another and create memories you will never forget!

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Our vision is to facilitate the development and character of young people- to give them a true sense of purpose and direction in their lives, as well as the opportunity to grow and challenge themselves in an environment that is both safe and true to life.  Click here to watch the Quest Africa Video.

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Easter Break

Dear parents & friends of Quest!

Please kindly note that our offices will be closed from Thursday, 17th to Sunday, 27th April.

We will respond to your e-mails as soon as we can!

Wishing you all a lovely Easter!

The Quest Team

Cars, Pipes & Trees By Karl Fleiner & Christopher Brownlee

This week saw both intakes swapped facilitators as Mr Bryan had to take us for plumbing which we did throughout the week along with a basic mechanics and a bush course centred around the study of trees and their importance.


Bryre Groenewald – Quest Core 2011

“Nothing is impossible”

The Physical acumen has been very tough for me, following multiple cervical laminectomies and the implant of a VP shunt into my spinal cord. But I have improved hugely over the Quest course and I have the proof to show for it. At the beginning of Quest I could not run more than a couple of hundred meters before my neck got too sore and I was forced to have to walk again, but over the last six months I’ve gone from strength to strength and can now run fifteen kilometres without any hassles with my neck and I also recently completed the Tour de Falcon (sixty kilometre cycle) without any problems, but all this would have been a lot more difficult to achieve without the help and encouragement of everyone at Quest.

On the 26th of December 2011 Bryre Groenewald is reattempting his summit of Kilimanjaro

Tim Sanderson – Quest Core 2012

Business and Physical

"every action I take there is a consequence" my action was ignoring my bird learning task, so the consequence was I had to run back to camp from the water hole about 15 km for failing the test.

A Stepping Stone to Life

I started my carpenter and joiner apprentice and completed half of it and wanting to finish it. I came to quest wanting to find something to succeed in my life for the future, which I think I have started doing in the two months I have been here

The past two months has done allot for me. I think it has allowed me to enter my own life and find myself and hopefully I will continue to have fun when I leave Quest. Now that it is the end I feel happy that I came, had fun and wish I was staying for longer. I am now planning on going to my dad to find a job or do something with myself.

Student, Shawn Allman (2011) - 'Quest has truly surprised me in many ways. Who knew that a course like this could bond 24 young men so tightly that we have become a family? Apart from the petty bickering and temporary moments of animosity, we have grown to love each other as friends and brothers. Strength in unity, something that is taught at Quest and only over this term have we come to understand it. The encouragement, compassion and commitment is irrefutable. We have truly become brothers.'

Dylan Rackham – Spring Programme 2011


Prime example is when Quiet Waters got a wildebeest from Cawston, our team had to put plastic up around the boma fence, by the time we got started the weather packed in. It was raining, haling, thunder and lightning. We were cold and ready to give up but we encouraged each other and worked together to get the job done. It was very rewarding to see the wildebeest run into its new home.

Self Discovery

I have grown mentally in many ways’

Self confidence- I have the confidence to make the decision by myself and not have to rely on anyone else

Perseverance- if there is a task at hand I will push myself until I succeed.

Self discipline- before I came to Quest I wasn’t serious about life, now I have realized if I put my mind to it I can get it done.


The main thing I wanted to do was physical acumen to get my health back on track. I believe have achieved this as I can walk a lot better, my speech has improved and I have my movement back in my right arm and leg.

Andrew Wardley – Quest Core 2011

Crocodile Farming

Trust and loyalty

We learnt how to catch crocodiles which forced us to put our lives in other peoples’ hands and now, to me, these aren’t just ‘other people’ but brothers; brothers who will do what they can to be there for you and help as much as they can. It’s the honest truth.  My trust with these guys at Quest is much stronger than with any other friends. This is most probably the most I have ever been able to open up and just be myself without any hesitations at all.  I learnt that I would be able to start afresh, leaving behind the school order where there is always a high and low, depending on where you come from and what you do; such as subjects and the language you speak. At school this had prevented me doing things that I knew I could do better than others, those who were constantly praised as being the best at everything they did


 “Live for the now”

A few weeks before I was told I was coming to Quest if I knew what we were going to learn and how I was going to learn it, I still would not have been able to prepare myself for such an “amazing experience”.

Bryan Moran - Spring Programme 2011


“Changing of attitudes, changing your life.”

Attitude is the way you carry out a situation and how you react in those situations.  If you are given a job to do and all you do is complain and look at it in the wrong way that’s the impression that you are giving others of your attitude.  If your attitude is right then you will impress others and will help you in your life.  You will also keep your friends and family happy if you have the right attitude.

Aimee Blumears – Spring Programme 2011

Water Rafting - Dedication

We went water rafting down the Zambezi River, with much excitement, adrenalin, fear and anticipation. We practiced our rowing and raft tipping in calm water but it was very different to being thrown out during a rapid. I felt like I was being tossed backwards and forwards by the current, and just as I got my first breath I was forced under water again - this is from someone who had a major fear of large water bodies. When we got back into our raft I knew I had to be strong and hold on to the boat as once we were in, the only time I could get out was half way at rapid 11 out of 22, despite having dislocated my shoulder twice before rapid 11. I was sitting in the rescue boat and I knew I had to finish the task at hand. The next few rapids had some interesting takes but we were safe until rapid 18, when the rescue boat tipped and I found myself in the water once again floating downstream with yet another dislocated shoulder, tears flowed down my cheeks but I was satisfied, I was close to the end and had yet another story to tell.

Embracing the moment

Tears were shed in the swimming pool in the beginning of the course in front of people I didn’t know. I was vulnerable, I was weak and everyone around me was strong. In that moment where my skill fell short, heart and determination kicked in and after some practice I could swim long enough distances.


Many a time I heard the thundering sound of the teams combined voices shouting, ‘you can do this’, ‘we are here to help whenever you need us’, ‘well done’. Those words took me through some terrifying and trying times. And so as much is given, much is required. Sometimes I found myself running beside a good friend as she struggled, other times I’d be commending my teammates for their achievements. Life should never be walked alone” because it is with others ahead, beside and behind you, that life is lived.

Lessons for Life

It is sad to say goodbye to Quest with one of the best three months of my life so far, and anticipation for many more because of what I have learnt from Quest. I see adventures, awesome relationships, passion, and family. I see an amazing life ahead of me and I am excited to overcome the challenges life throws at me, the amazing sights and times that await. This chapter may be ending but the story has only just begun, the memories remain and the lessons are imprinted on my heart.

The lessons I’ve learnt are valuable beyond any price offered and I hope to practice them in every aspect of my life.

Patrick Chifamba – Spring Programme 2011

Self-confidence and belief

Coming to Quest has given me plenty of opportunities to deal with my fears as well as taught me how to overcome them. I was petrified of water before and I was unable to swim but the first day I was at Quest I was made to jump in the weir by the campsite even though I had told Nigel Kuhn I couldn’t swim. I still jumped into the water and got out after a few seconds of struggling with the water and almost drowning. At the end of the course we did white water rafting in Victoria Falls. I had to prove to myself that I wasn’t scared of water anymore and I discovered that if you personally choose to challenge your fears it is more rewarding than doing it to prove it to your friends or family.


“Quest was one of the best decisions I have ever made”. I have learnt so much and I also have the chance to use those lessons in the near future. I have developed a positive attitude towards life and for that; I have only Quest to Thank

Oliver Pike – Spring Programme 2011

A Distant Perspective

Being the first UK student left me, both excited and hopeful, as the idea of being a ‘pioneer’ seemed like an awesome challenge. Spending a large amount of time in a foreign environment lets you appreciate what you have and don’t have. Obviously being in the bush made me appreciate the beauty of where I was, and I would stop and stare every day to take in my surroundings.

Quest provided me with so many opportunities with “endless experiences”. We have been able to braai and go fishing at the local dam, go shooting birds, learn about the game, ride around on a quad bike and all kinds of bush-orientated activities.

Now that we are at the end of our course, I am so glad that I chose to come on Quest. It was quite possibly the best decision I ever made, and it has lived up to all expectations and in most areas gone even further still. I will struggle to find anywhere else in the world where I will be able to learn as much as I have done here in such a short period.

Many of my friends have come back from their travels saying they can’t wait to go back to where they have come from, but very few come back saying they want to live there.

Rob Worsley-Worswick – Spring Programme 2011


A substantial part of Quest ismaking the most of the opportunities” that present themselves or could be made available. I believe that as I've progressed through the course my urge to do more and learn more has increased and with that I’ve been able to do exactly that closely following a quote that often rang through my mind: “Nothing ventured; nothing gained”

Actions are greater than words

Another feature of the course, which had been prolific, is the learning through doing” where all that we’ve done has been entirely hands on and we’ve learnt that the easiest way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.

I was horrified in how much of what is involved in running a business, is left out of the A ‘level curriculum and I now feel confident that my knowledge of the business area had grown tremendously.

With the main principles of Quest lying fairly closely to what I have grown up with, a lot of it was not new to me but in that I have a new found respect for what I have previously taken for granted. Personally I feel the Quest experience as a whole has been incalculably worthwhile and the memories I have from the guys and girls in the group will last a lifetime.

Hayley Gross – Spring Programme 2011

The simple answer is to discover and learn.

The Fire 

We arrived at approximately 1 pm; the fire was massive and had already desecrated the bush and left behind a death of black smouldering soot. Whole gomos (hills) once beautiful lush bush, now blackened and destroyed. It is one of the saddest things to see, however I realized a few days later that it’s all part of life and the natural cycle. Death gives way to rebirth, the lush green leaves on the trees and the fresh clean grass peeped out from beneath the blackness. “Out of the ashes comes new life”.

We began to fight the flames! In the beginning it looked like it was under control, but when the wind blew up, we realized it wasn't. Beating the flames out as quickly as we could with all our might we soon found it would be impossible unless we beat in unison and helped each other through it. Amazingly we finally got the fire under control with several back burning sessions and a beneficial change in wind direction. It took us 9 hours, and by 12am we drove back on the back of the bakkie. We were tired, scorched, covered in blisters, and blackened by soot and dust but closer as friends and as a team than ever. After a well deserved shower and well earned bed we collapsed into sleep. We arose the next day with a new attitude and outlook on life and work, as well as each other. We learned a lot about teamwork, positive attitude and perseverance that particular night.

Quest Experience

The answer, I have accomplished what I came to quest to do... I have discovered and learned.

From the beginning we have learned lessons such as Friendship, leadership, teamwork, perseverance, hard work, patience and the benefits of having a positive attitude.

We as a group of unfamiliar young people have bonded and connected as a team. We have learned to live and work together, trust and love each other. We are now more than just a group of people from different backgrounds. We are now a group of friends sharing the same experience. "The Quest experience!"  

Quest has given me not so much direction, but it has given my life purpose. I don't know where I'll be in the future? What I'll be doing? I don't know what life has in store but I am leaving quest now and entering the world with a new attitude, and a better understanding and outlook on life. “I feel my future is a little brighter now” and I will embrace new opportunities with open arms.

Zach Louw, Quest Core 2011 - 'Leo Buscaglia was a great orator and the crux of many of his inspirational lectures was the sentence:

“Do it now, because you may never the opportunity to do it again!”

I didn’t understand the true power of it until Quest thrust me into its true application. Quest is a course, which I will never experience again- so I’ve tried to experience it to the fullest, live in the moment and cherish the breathtaking experiences thrown at me because- as sad as it is- they’re not coming again…'

Abe Louw – Quest Core 2011


I have learnt more than I ever have in terms of leadership. At St Albans you had instant respect from your peers because of your age or status. Here at Quest, you have guys of ages ranging from 18 to 21 and “everyone here has to earn the right to be respected”.

Sometimes you need to lead and sometimes you need to follow. This lesson is a tool that everyone should know when to use, and when to pack away, and through attending Quest I believe that I have found the judgment and insight on when to lead and when to be lead, which is an invaluable lesson in life.  One Quote that I have learnt to love is “Sometimes a leader needs to lead from the back”. This quote, I believe, is my type of leadership style. I like to lead from the back, from the heart of the group. Not from the front, alone.

All in all, my leadership abilities over the course have evolved and developed far beyond what I could have imagined. These tools that I have armed myself with are an invaluable asset that I will use for the rest of my life. They say that “Nothing beats experience, and Quest has given me exactly that”.

Samantha Till – Spring Programme 2011

Personal Strength

The times I wanted to scream and shout at everyone, the times I felt like crying, and the times I have wanted to run away back home.  All these times have built me up to be a stronger person to be able to just walk away and not worry about the situation.  I’m thankful for Aimee as she was always there for me through these times.  This will help me because out in the world you need to be able to walk away from certain situations.

Skills for life

Mr. and Mrs. Schultz have helped me plant new seeds in my life; it’s now up to me to take the opportunity to grow these seedlings into plants.

“Always be yourself because everyone else has been taken.” And “Make a plan”, are the biggest lessons I have learnt here at Quest.

Student, Shawn Allman (2011) - 'Every young man has focused on developing himself into the man he was born to become. We have been building inner strength and a unique set of values for each one of us. We have learnt about whom we are and what we want to build on. It is a constant learning experience and new experiences and lessons come by in abundance. Each young man is free to decide what he wants to take out of his learning and apply to his life. However there are some generic lessons that everyone is taking out. The one that has impacted me the most and that I think is so valuable is "character".'

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