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"Acumen – the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions"

Quest Africa provides students with a well-rounded range of modules and courses, designed to give Questors exposure to a spectrum of skills and career options that are not usually part of the conventional school curriculum.

Acumens in courses include:



Natural Acumen

 Specifically focused on teaching students the fundamentals of fauna & flora, game farming and animal husbandry as well as building towards a Hunters and Guides learners license (Quest for Young Men).

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Health & Fitness Acumen

 Ensuring that students build up to and maintain a basic level of fitness, essential for physical well-being of students, while also helping them develop the mental toughness to conquer their fears.

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Technical Acumen

 Including mechanics, welding, construction, architecture & design, plumbing, and electrics. Course modules are focused on providing students with practical skills that are immediately tested and applied in real-life scenarios.

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Business Acumen

 Designed to give students a tool-box of skills they can use later in life when they are either running their own businesses or working in an organisation.

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Social Acumen

 Range from public speaking, adjudication, and speech writing to hospitality, catering, entertainment and other projects. Specific courses

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On Saturday we spent the day helping Carmen our cooking instructor, to cater at a 300 people wedding. I loved it! I love the combination of working with food and people.

Christina Clement

Spring Programme 2014

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Jim Terrel

Project Director Company Inc.

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Kindra Hall

Project Director Company Inc.

About Quest Africa

At Quest Africa, our vision is to take young men and women on a journey of exploration and self- discovery; to give them the opportunity to explore and express themselves as individuals and to discover and pursue their passions in life.




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